SportGuru Timisoara 21k proposes from the first edition to be a large-scale sport competition that will set again Timisoara among the important cities of the world of grass-roots sport at the national and international level.

The event is initiated by the well-known sports equipment retailer SportGuru.ro in partnership with Timisoara City Hall and has in the organizing team people with great experience in developing and managing the running competitions in Romania.

The 21-kilometer route was „drawn” for the beauty of the city on the Bega to be appreciated by all participants, it will have its start and finish in Unirii Square – an emblematic place for Timisoara, a route that remains a fluent and fast route, so that runners can break down their time records for this distance.

The competition includes trials and categories for all ages, so besides the 21 km route, the participants will be able to run at the 10 km cross-country running, at the popular race or at the children’s race.

The well-known slogan „Today in Timisoara, tomorrow all over the country!” Will become by sport, by running, „Today, the whole country is in Timisoara!”.